Current Paintings

New Mexico Landscape

There is something magical when the sunlight makes the landscape glow. 2019 Acrylic and mixed media on 48″x24″ canvas.

Buena Vista
Purple Plumes – Acrylic & mixed media 36″ x 24″


Autumn Equinox

Diana K Oliver

After a car accident in 2015, my injuries temporarily affected my sensory perception. My painting goal was to leave behind the discipline of drawing or even touching the canvas, but rather to freely express myself through the flow of paint. While not strictly a triptych painter, I tend to produce works in groups of three. My first three canvases, Dawn, Meadow and Harvest in the Autumn Equinox series depict silent moments. The second group of three in the series, Dandelion Explosion, Tornado and Twilight Hour concern movement; fleeting moments in time and space. For these, I found a means of applying paint that gives life to the material, as if it is dancing on the surface.


Opa’s Garden – A Bug’s Eye View

Inspired by a beautiful garden in Dresden, Germany.

Textile Designer