New York Paintings Gallery

Watercolor, metallic and ink on paper. Signed digital copies of above paintings are available. Find contact information on the front page to let me know which painting you are interested in, the size, gloss or matte and where to shipping info. Thanks for your interest!

New York’s Underground Mosaics

Embossed from the New York City subways mosaic signs these the art below and a photographic study were exhibited at the New York Transit Museum, 1991.

Broadway – size 8’2″x2′ wax & dye on paper


Canal Street – size 8’x2′ wax & dye on paper


6th 5th mosaic r
6th Ave – 5th Ave. size 6’x1′ wax & dye on paper


Christopher St. Sheridan Sq. size 11’x2′ wax & dye on paper


34thst mosaic r
34th Street Penn Station size 8’x3′ wax & dye on paper

Original Art available for showings

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