Current Work

I like to create paintings  in series that can be displayed together on a wall sometimes making a continuing picture. The Autumn Equinox series was inspired after a car accident left me with a concussion. When I started to regain my sense of self, I needed to create art again. I challenged myself to work with out touching the canvas and played with making paint dance onto the surface. This work expresses my return to light, movement and sound. Autumn Equinox Collection – acrylic on canvas 40″x30″.

Below this collection is called Opa’s Garden, inspired by friends and family and their beautiful garden in Dresden, Germany. Here I am on a bugs eye view with my subject. 40″x30″ acrylic on canvas.

Inspired by a trip to the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, NY. The Pansy paintings are 47″x40″ acrylic on canvas.


Textile Designer