Take a journey through Manhattan neighborhoods with this colorful collection of New York City photographs and postcards. Did you know that Wall Street was once a stockade that marked the end of the city s limits? That Canal Street was built above a canal? That the spire of the Empire State Building was originally used to dock zeppelin planes? That under the Knickerbocker Hotel a private railroad was built for John Jacob Astor and his guests? That the FDR drive was built on landfill shipped from London after WWII? Or that the Cloisters were reconstructed from several medieval abbeys shipped back to the States? This entertaining and informative walk down memory lane has 192 pages chock full of color photographs, antique postcards, and maps, sure to dazzle new and native New Yorker’s alike.

The original paperback version published through Create Space 2010, also available on Amazon. 


Nina’s Just Desserts – A Novel

Going from a small town Nina takes us on a journey into New York City, as she dreams of an artistic life filled with travel. She has an opportunity to travel to Tuscany where she is exposed to the art of mosaic craftsmanship. Returning to N.Y.C. she takes on a quest to document the underground subway mosaics. Along the way, she falls in love with a complicated stranger almost derailing all her hopes and dreams. This tale is based in part on my adventure of documenting the subway mosaics, for an exhibit at the New York Transit Museum.

My Animal Lives – Children’s Book

My Animal Lives, is a short illustrated story about the different animal instincts we take on through our cycles of life. We are born playful among the fishes, become young pups, awkward giraffes, fast on all four, able to adapt, protective like a bear, knowledgeable as an elephant, as small as a turtle with dreams of wings to fly away. My Animal Lives is a quick read that will make you think of your own animal lives.

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